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Fight! Round One!

When you have a fight with your spouse, how long does it take for you to make up?

A day? Week? Never?!

Well it takes about maybe a day for us to get mad and get back together. It doesn’t seem to be long at all. They are always fast and fierce fights with below the belt punches, but we always seem to say I’m sorry and talk about it afterwards.

This seems cheesy or weird to say but I think that what our relationship needs. Fights.

What about your fight??


Quiet Snow Night

Tonight it snowed and the Bells stayed in, dancing to records, watching movies, and hanging out inside. We also sang “We Dont Talk About Bruno” about a million times

Sometimes there is nothing better than to hang out and do random things.

Tomorrow is a snow day for Bear, and I am home from work. I don’t know about dad yet but I know the house will be packed tomorrow.

What do you and your family do on chill nights?

When your child isn’t good at…

Bear just chilling as goalie

Soccer. It’s painful to watch really. Dad gets all upset and moody. I feel bad for my poor boy who lets every ball pass him by. It’s really something to watch.

Something really…awful.

I know he is having fun but when do you stop the fun when they are just bad? I’m not going to put Bear in soccer next season and we will try something else but….hopefully my boy can do something with his body. Using your body at an early age can really help you in later life so…

Ryan’s World Toy Score!

Today, mom had a day out and she scored some sweet stuff from the thrift store, especially this…

Do you know what this this??? This is GOLD is a kid right now and I know this retails for like 50 bucks!

I lied..

75 bucks!!! At the thrift store!!! What!! Go mom! Go mom! My son loves this stuff and I’m going to feel like a champ when he comes home today.

One man’s trash is another man’s 75 new toy!!!


Bell Family Movie: Disney’s Encanto

What a wonderful movie. From the story to the songs, this movie has it all.

I haven’t been this excited about a movie in a long time, especially a Disney movie.

This story is about the Madrigals and the story about the magic that they hold. Mirabell needs to find a way to keep the magic safe!

This movie had it all for me. If you are looking for a family movie night movie, this is it!

Cleaning up late

As a mom, you have days where you don’t want to do anything. Usually this happens to me from 12p-6p. I am so tired and ready for a nap.

After that time, I am ready to go. Cleaning and making sure my house is done. Right now I’m doing laundry. It’s 10pm at night.

The best times are the late times…